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    ACR vs CS 5 interpolation

    Lucca man

      Certainly is a minor question, but an advise is always helpfull!


      To get the final size of the picture, in my case A3 o A3+, from a D 700 NEF, it is better to use ACR interpolation before to open the image in CS5 or open the file at native size and than immediately use CS5 interpolation to get the final size?


      Many thanks for your co.operation!

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          Yammer Level 4

          I've always thought that, as ACR is already doing interpolation during the demosaicing process, interpolating to a bigger scale would produce less error in the long run than doing a second interpolation on the finished image. Hmm. Does that make sense?


          I suppose it all depend on the way interpolation is implemented in ACR. I know that scaling was improved in 5.1, and demosaicing in 5.7, but whether each process introduces separate errors, I wouldn't know. You'd have to get it from the horse's mouth. Or Jeff might know.

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            Lucca man Level 1

            First of all, thank you for your answer.


            It certainly make sense, it is a very logical supposition, unless something strange is in ACR 6.2.


            I will follow your advice and best regards.

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              Noel Carboni Level 8

              Personally I find converting directly to an upsampled resolution yields the best results in my workflow.  I also convert to ProPhoto RGB and 16 bit channel depth.  This thread, which I started while I was doing my experimentation, might interest you:




              Some others claim other techniques work better for them, but I like my results.



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                Lucca man Level 1

                Many thanks, Sir, very helpful!


                I am also converting to an upsampled ProPhoto 16 Bit Tiff for prints size A3 and A3+ and the link you adressed me is answering to all questions, very intersting.


                Best regards.