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    importing d300s videos into premiere cs5 (os x)



      i shot some videos using nikon d300s and some of them are working perfectly fine (in preview and quick time) and some of them can;t be opened by preview and quick time for some reason, however they are working perfectly well in VLC and imovie. anyway, I can't import ANY of them into premiere cs5- every time I try I'm getting 'codec missing or unavailable' error message.. I have perian installed and some other codec packs I believe.

      Do you have any experiences with cs5 and d300s videos? cs5 is supposed to have native support for them, right? WHat should I do to make it work?



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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          Unless Nikon has changed things, those files are MJPEG in an MOV wrapper. Take a look at this ARTICLE, but am not sure if either of the suggestions are available for the Mac.


          If you find that the Morgan and the MainConcept do not work on the Mac, but find an MJPEG CODEC, that does, please update this thread, so that I can add that link to the article.


          Thanks and good luck,




          PS - VLC contains most popular CODEC's, so it will play material, that other players, and editors cannot, because the CODEC needs to be installed in the system for them.