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    Saving edited .DNG's


      How's the best way to save .DNG once you've edited them ? as a .TFF or .Psd etc and duplicate them all or can you over write the DNG perminently? or is it a case of making the ajustments in ACR then on to PS and exporting from there.


      PS. if anyone has seen any good tutorials on how to work with them could they link them if there on utube etc

      Thany you in advance

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          JimHess-DIrcbP Level 3

          Here is the way I look at it.  The DNG file, or the original raw file for that matter, is my master photo.  Sometimes I will create virtual copies if I want different renderings, but the raw file is the master file.  If I need to do any additional editing in Photoshop I save that as a separate TIFF file, and then I create other copies from it depending on what I need to copy for.  Then I usually export those copies from Lightroom.  Some people prefer to use PSD, and there's nothing wrong with that.  It's just that I have been using TIFF for years and have become accustomed to that format.


          I just leave my DNG or raw files in the catalog.  They are always there when I need them to create other copies.  And, quite often, when I take a second look at older files I will make additional adjustments.  Sometimes I wonder what I was thinking when I made the first adjustments.

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            Phreedom66 Level 1

            Tyvm Thats a very simipar to the prosses I ended up with, Allways good to see what other people's workflow is like.