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    Premiere 7, All Clips Locked -- Please Help


      I've been working on a large project in Adobe Premiere 7.0 for nearly a month now. There have not been major problems in most of this time. One problem does keep coming up, the famous "Media Offline" bug, that is resolved by simply moving all clips forward and back a bit. This has worked every single time for nearly a month.


      Today, I stopped working on the project to go downstairs and eat dinner. During this time, I did not add, remove, upload, download, or change anything involving the project, or in fact, any hardware or software at all. However when I returned, I found that the entire project is now locked. I cannot move any clip, either individually or in a group. I cannot add any clips to the project, either. Trying to move a clip gives the circle-with-a-line-through-it "no" symbol, no matter which clip/clips I try and no matter where I try to move them. Trying to drag a new file from the organizer into the workspace does not show anything at all.


      Reloading the file did nothing. Saving under a new name, then reloading did nothing. The autosave does not appear to help.


      It is quite possible that this is a simple problem. I use control-A a lot to select all (because of the aforementioned "media offline" issue). However I do not know what keyboard command, or any other command for that matter, would lock all the clips, nor is there a lock icon anywhere on the entire screen.


      This project represents dozens of hours of work and is due tomorrow. I need help very, very badly. Please, someone, tell me what went wrong so I can fix it.