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    AIR2 - OSMF - DRM Doesn't Seem to Work




      I'm having a heck of a time with the DRM feature while using OSMF with an AIR 2 project.


      I've looked at all the samples I can find and searched the forums and bugbase for anything that might point to my issue and I'm coming up blank.


      Basically, I've gotten my AIR 2 app to dispatch a DRM_STATE_CHANGE event of type 'uninitialized', but then it never gets past that.


      After searching through the samples including the OSMFPlayer sample and the DrmOSMFPlayer sample, which are both Flash apps, I've decided I'm doing everything exactly the same as far as setting up my MediaContainer, MediaPlayer, MediaFactory, and MediaElement.  I'm also adding the trait listener in the same manner.


      That being said, I decided to create a fresh AIR app and start from the ground up.  In this case I don't even get an 'uninitialized' DRM_STATE_CHANGE.


      The weird thing is, if I take the same exact code in my AIR app and put it into a Flash 10.1 app, it will reach DRM_STATE_CHANGE 'autenticating' and 'authenticationNeeded'.


      So, is there something that I'm missing as far as getting OSMF DRM to work with AIR 2?


      I've included a couple links to download the AIR project and the Flash Player project Flash Builder 4 FXP files as reference:






      The projects are self contained and contain the OSMF.swc and a test video asset that's protected by DRM. I'm stumped...