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    client only side spell checker

      I was wondering if there would be an interesting in a client only spell checker.

      I sell a product at www.flextendibles.com to provide UI feedback of spelling issues. I had a request from a purchaser for a non server side service to fill in the spell checking requirements.

      I was wondering if others might want the same functionality.

      I've completed 95% of the work and have found that it's much more responsive then the server side version.

      Would others be intersted in this type of functionality?
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          bdeen Level 1
          Also would anyone know how I would go about trying to get this Actionscript class into the FlashPlayer? I would think it would be a nice capability to have in the FlashPlayer then specific to a Flex component. But i'm more of a j2EE/flex person then a Flash person. I find the Flash IDE somewhat chaotic, but that's me and I'm sometimes easily confused.