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    PE 8 Share -> Burn does not work - neither DVD or folder


      I have Premiere Elements 8 and am trying to burn a disc of my daughter's choir concert for her class.


      The encode process completes, the burn process hangs.


      I click on Share, then Disc and have tried burning to disc and to folder (4.7GB).  It says I need 2.45GB.


      I've tried on my studio computer (custom built 6-core AMD 3.2 GHz, 8GB RAM, 2 1TB hard drives - both under 20% full) and my old studio computer (P4 Dual core 3.0 GHz, 4 GB ram, 320 GB HD 80% full).


      Both running Windows 7 64-bit.  Both fail at the same point.  They encode the media to 100%.


      Then the burn process hangs - 0% for folder, 5% for discs.


      The project only contains AVI files imported from my camcorder - about 4 years old, wide screen Sony DCR-HC90.


      I used to use Premiere Pro (2.0) but found it didn't make sense to keep the big dog up to date when I was doing projects for pay so irregularly.  I figured Premiere Elements 8 would do the trick for these kids music and sporting events with 1 to 3 camera angles.  Not being able to burn to DVD with menus is making me reconsider my options for this solution.


      Help! My standing as a superhero dad and video editor extraordinaire is in serious jeopardy!!

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          I notice you have two hard drives on your big computer. Are both drives formattedn NTFS? Drives come from the factory formatted FAT32, and FAT32 drives have a file size limit that can often choke video work -- particularly rendering.


          It looks as though your video is about 45 minutes long. Is it made up entirely miniDV footage, or do you have other clips (especially photos) included? Have you been able to successfully render the timelines (pressed Enter so that any red lines above  your clips turn green) on either or both computers?


          I'm also curious how you were able to run the project on both your AMD and your Pentium 4 computer. Did you recreate the project exactly on both computers -- or did you maybe work off the same external or network hard drive? And could it be that that drive is formatted FAT32.


          I'm looking for as many details as you can provide, duke. What you are describing is extremely unusual. A miniDV project that won't even burn to a folder? That's almost unheard of. On two completely separate computers that aren't sharing the same render and scratch disc space? Something is definitely very strange there.


          So if there is anything at all about your configurations you can tell us, that would be helpful.


          I assume you regularly remove temp files from your computers and that your hard drives are freshly defragmented.

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            duke.senter Level 1

            First, thanks for the response!

            Yeah - Unusual is where I thought I would find myself.  It seems real weird.


            All my drives are NTFS.  I was going to run defrag on my primary PC, but it said it was less than 1% fragmented.


            It's all miniDV.  I have some effects on all clips (auto color, balance, levels, I think).  I have been able to successfully render on both computers - the whole timeline is green.


            On my primary I use my 2nd drive as a scratch disk.  I rendered all effects on that one.  When I ran into troubles, I thought I would try on my old PC, and copied the directory over.  The rendered files and previews were missing, so I rendered on the old PC (after changing the media locations to be the same as the project).  It failed in the exact same way on the old PC.  Render is ok, Encode media is ok, burn to folder hangs.


            When I say failed, I mean that it hangs, or appears to make no progress.  It does progress through encoding the media from 0-100%.  I forget the term it uses for burning the disc/creating the folder file, but that is what hangs.  0% on the folder method, 5% on the disc burn method.  I've left it overnight on my primary computer.  The encode process completes in about 15 minutes or so.  When I tried today on my old computer, the encode media process took about 1.5 hours - it is slower than my primary computer.  I left the folder write process for 30 minutes - still at 0% - when I realized I needed an alternate solution to get the disc ready for tomorrow's school day due to time and cancelled it.  While it is hung, the CPU utilization for Adobe Premiere Elements is at about 17% - not constrained, but also not idle.  I don't recall the memory utilization - it was forgettable, I think (hope); not maxxed out, not 0, not growing like a memory leak.  When I hit cancel, it quickly goes to not responding and doesn't come back quickly so I force close.  I reboot after that happens to ensure we're in a pretty good known state.


            I did try sharing it as an mpeg and as an avi file.  Both of those process completed.  I used the avi file with windows movie maker and dvd maker to get a terrible amateur looking disc completed.  The point being, I suppose, is that the share process is not completely broken as I could create 2 different types of files.  The AVI was 9+ GB.  That went successfully with MS dvd maker.  I was able to burn on the disc I was attempting to burn on Premiere Elements.  I take that to mean that 1) my drive is working, 2) the disc is compatible, and 3) since it was still writable and usable after writing with MS dvd maker that means Premiere Elements never tried to write to the drive/disc.


            Something that might be interesting or just a red herring - Microsoft dvd maker failed until I disabled (via options under compatiability) the filter Direct VobSub.  This is also a media PC for the office that I play from a network media tank and has a few codecs on it.  I don't see anything in Premiere Elements to indicate codecs or filters interfering.  The Audio hardware and output mapping appear correct and not impacted by codecs or filters.  They are set to "Premiere Elements WDM Sound"


            Thanks again for your time and effort so far!

            Any more ideas?



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              You could try burning a smaller clip with a different template and check if that is successful. The impact due to other codecs seems unlikely as the encoding process is getting completed.

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                nealeh Level 5

                Have you put a 'Stop' marker at the very end of your timeline? If so remove it as its inclusion is known to cause PRE to fail. (As PRE automatically treats the end of the timeline as a stop marker so there is no need to add one.)


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                  the_wine_snob Level 9

                  I like the above idea of a smaller test Project, as that can rule out issues with the particular Project.


                  Neale also offers a good tip on the Stop Marker.


                  I would also look very carefully for gaps in the Video. These can cause encoding errors and a failure of the Project to Transcode 100%.


                  Good luck,



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                    duke.senter Level 1

                    I'll try out a different test project when I get home tonight.  Thanks for the suggestion!

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                      duke.senter Level 1

                      I added no stop marker.  I did add a few main menu markers and a few more scene markers.

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                        duke.senter Level 1

                        I'll also look for gaps.  I didn't see any while editing, and added transitions at each seam - I would expect those would have caused me trouble attempting to add them if there were any size gap.


                        I'll try a test project tonight when I get home from work and see if i can make a a short success with different clips and fresh start and grow from there.


                        Thanks for everyone's suggestions.  I'll keep you posted on progress!

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                          the_wine_snob Level 9

                          Gaps of even a single Frame can hang up Transcoding. As the DVD-spec. is based on Video (Audio is supplemental), there should be no break in the Video portion of the Timeline.


                          I always zoom in to the Frame-level, and then hit Home to get to 00;00;00;00. I will use the PageUp and PageDn keys to step through the Timeline. The CTI should jump smoothly from Clip to Clip. If there seems to be a pause, or hiccup, I know that I have found a gap.


                          Good luck,