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      I keep seeing the old timers (most user points red dashes) here telling everyone to “READ THE MANUAL”. I must speak out in defense of those that can't find what they need in the CS5 user's manual and come here to the User’s Forum to ask for help. I’m one of them. I’ve read through the entire manual, yep, all 435 pages. I cannot possibly remember everything taught on all 435 pages, heck, I can’t even remember if I actually read info regarding every situation I run into while learning CS5.

      Let’s admit it, the CS5 user’s manual is not all that well written and the search options leave much to be desired. E.G. I was just looking for info regarding pan and zoom of still images in the user’s manual, I typed in "pan" and the search results took me to dozens of choices of the partial spelling of “pan” located within words such as “pane, panes, panels, and even Panasonic. A search in the user’s manual for the word “zoom” returns numerous ways to zoom in on the time line. That is useless info if I’m in the middle of building a video and looking for “pan and zoom of still images or video clips”. I don’t always have hours available to re-read the manual every time I need help. So… I come here to the USER’S FORUM.  This forum was designed and placed on line by Adobe for the users of their software, and all users of the Adobe software have the right to come here to share in ideas and to ask (and answer questions) without expecting to be slammed for asking for help. Because some of us have more little red user points under our avatar than others does not allow us to be rude.


      Consider... If we ONLY read the manual, this forum will shut down for lack of input.



      I am very grateful to Adobe for placing this forum online and I’m also very grateful for the help I get here. Many of you should be honored for your prompt and useful answers to our questions.



      By the way, I didn’t find my answer in the User’s manual, I found it here on the user’s forum, but only because someone had previously dared to run the “Read the Manual” gauntlet to get the answer. Peace, Brum

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          Tminus10web Level 2

          All you've accomplished with this post is to piss off a lot of very helpful and passionate people at the same time, because one or two peoples responses. I made this mistake once before as well and offended a few people.  The fact is if you post your question here on this forum, it will eventually be answered by really knowledgeable members of the community. 


          Sometimes you just need to ignore the occasional post that you find unhelpful (or even condescending) and wait for the gold nugget replies to start pouring in.  And based on my experience, there are alot of people here who will bend over backwords to help you... and only a few tarts.  Lol.



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            Jeff Bellune Level 5

            Let's see, both "pan" and "zoom" in the help search turned up this result:


            http://help.adobe.com/en_US/premierepro/cs/using/WS166DBF09-FBA5-4f3f-86D8-2F6F91B2AAC2.ht ml#WS931F1612-A65E-4c91-B0CB-BFA64832BF0C


            Alternatively, consider that Photoshop and After Effects and Premiere and two separate 3D programs that I use all control "zooming" of an image or a frame by the Scale control.  A search for Scale would lead you to an explanation of the intrinsic Motion effect in Premiere.  Knowing the proper terminology for what you want to do is essential.


            If you are unable to discover or recall the proper terminology for an operation in Pr, then asking for help to recall or discover the proper term would be a logical course of action.


            As you acknowledged, you have received quick and accurate help from forum members for your other questions.  Your assault here is unwarranted.


            Thread locked.

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              Todd_Kopriva Level 8

              Sorry, Jeff, but I needed to unlock this thread to make this response.


              Barry, when someone points you to a page of the document, they're not saying "Hey, dummy, RTFM".


              Rather, they're saying "I know that it can be hard to find things, so here is a helpful pointer to the place where I happen to know this information is located".


              Don't take offense when someone points to the place where they know the best information is contained.


              Also, people who ask questions here have a very, very wide range of background knowledge. There's no way for people answering the questions to know where on that spectrum any individual questioner is. I tend to assume that people are on the low end because a) if I'm right, I answer their question well and b) if I'm wrong, the experienced questioner will know the right terms to redirect me in my answer as we continue the thread.  This only fails in one case: when the expert is overly sensitive and feels insulted that I didn't assume great knoweledge on his or her part.


              So, please understand that we're all trying to help the best that we can.


              BTW, we tend to have much more free-wheeling conversation in the lounge. If you want to continue this conversation, please come on over.


              [thread relocked]

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