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    Display Driver issues?


      Hi, I downloaded Premiere Elements to complete a film assignment which is due in tomorrow, I've been working on it over the last few days and it's almost completed. I just opened it to continue working on it to find a warning saying,

      "We have detected an incompatible display driver. To get a better and faster playback performance, please update your display driver.


      Display drive details :Intel - Intel Pineview Platform 1.4.0 - Pineview Platform 1.4.0 - Build"


      I have no idea what this means and my videos are still there but when I press them, there's pretty much nothing playing. The screen looks like this:


      When the videos are in my timeline bar and I click play on them, the same thing happens as does in the box above. Is there anything I can do about this? I've also tried updating the display drivers but I was told there were no available updates. The computer I'm using is less than a month old.


      Any help would be hugely appreciated. This video is a very large part of my grade in this class.





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          VDOSurfer Level 3

          Maybe you installed a display driver update.. You can roll back the driver update by doing this

          Right click on "My Computer" -> Properties -> Device Manager -> (double click) Display Adapter -> (Tab) Driver -> (button) Roll Back Driver


          This will go back to a previous version of display driver that worked without any issues in Premiere Elements 9.



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            nealeh Level 5

            Pineview is mostly associated with netbooks using the Atom microprocessor. Is that what you are running PRE on?


            Try ignoring the fact that the PRE display is messed up. Try Sharing it to whatever format your class has been instructed to use and see if that works. If so it gets you past your immediate deadline.


            After that work through these basics (especially replying back with the info requested in 'Got a problem ...).

            • Install all Windows Updates.

            • Install latest version of Apple QuickTime (v7.6.8 at time of writing). Even if you don't use QuickTime, PRE relies heavily on it.

            • Install most recent graphics and sound drivers from the manufacturers web sites.
            • Run Disk Cleanup.
            • Run Defragmenter.
            • Temporarily disable any anti-virus realtime scanning.
            • Use the GSpot Codec Information Utility to analyse the file and post screen image.
            • Post back here with the necessary information described here: Got a Problem? How to Get Started


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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              With an embedded Intel video chip, there will be an issue. Intel does good chips, but the driver support are almost non-existent. Most users with Intel video chips have found that bypassing it and adding an ATI, or nVidia card with their better driver support solve most issue. If one has a laptop, that option is not available.


              Good luck,



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                VDOSurfer Level 3




                Try deleting this file and hope you don't see these issues gain. Do let us know in any case

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                  Daksha123 Level 1

                  Hi All,


                  Adobe has released update 9.0.1 for Premiere Elements 9. It is an auto-update so you should get it automatically or you may download it through





                  Premiere Elements 9.0.1 update

                  This update improves stability and consists of the fixes for some of the issues as reported by the users through various forums.


                  This update resolves the following issues:
                  1. Title related crashes
                  2. Issues related to incompatible Display driver for certain Graphic (GPU) Cards
                  3. Other Bug Fixes



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                    A.T. Romano Level 7



                    Thanks for your continuing interest in this matter.


                    Could you please let us know if there is going to be a Premiere Elements 9.0.1 Update for the Mac version of the program as well as this 9.0.1 which was just released for PC?



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                      Daksha123 Level 1

                      Hi ATR,


                      PRE 9.0.1 update for Mac is available @



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                        Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                        On a Windows machine, you should also delete or remove this file:


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                          A.T. Romano Level 7



                          As always, thank you and Adobe for your help in these Premiere Elements 9 and other matters. I have posted links to the Premiere Elements 9.0.1 Update for Mac and PC at the other Premiere Elements Forum that I frequent.The one for Mac users came at "just the right time" since I have some Mac users at that other forum who just may benefit from this Update.


                          As per the link information, it is my understanding that Premiere Elements 9.0.1 Update addresses and remedies a variety of Premiere Elements 9 issues, not just the Display Driver one


                          I will be watching for feedback from users on the benefits obtained from the 9.0.1 Update.


                          Thank you again for your follow up.



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                            A.T. Romano Level 7



                            Are you suggesting from your most recent post here, that it is necessary to remove the BadDrivers.txt file even if you install and work from the Premiere Elements 9.0.1 Update?



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                              Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                              Absolutely, Tony!

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                                A.T. Romano Level 7



                                As per my question to you about you really meaning to delete the BadDrivers.txt even if you install the Premiere Elements 9.0.1 Update, you say absolutely.


                                I have not had to go through that scenario, so I cannot give you a first hand report on that aspect. But it does not sound reasonable that you would have to delete the BadDrivers.txt file if part of the fixes of the Premiere Elements 9.0.1 Update is to correct the "incompatible display card" issue.


                                Could we get some more input on that from Dakasha123 for both the PC and Mac?





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                                  A.T. Romano Level 7

                                  Hello, Dakasha123


                                  It has been a busy but successful day. One of the Mac users at the forum that I frequent has been able to move forward in the Premiere Elements 9 Mac project after the download and installation of the Premiere Elements 9.0.1 Update. The problem there was the program not staying open and crashing.


                                  This user did report that with the 9.0.1 Mac Update, the Welcome Screen is bypassed. Since I have a PC I have no way of confirming whether the Welcome Screen bypass should happen or not as a consequence of installing this update for the Mac. Any comments on that? And, in Premiere Elements PC, after observing the sequence of Premiere Elements processes openings with the Process Explorer Sysinternals,  I always work with the configuration (Adobe Premiere Elements.exe target) to bypass the Welcome Screen, so I might have missed this Adobe adjustment in the 9.0.1 PC Update. Any comments on that?


                                  Thanks again for your continuing help to work through these user issues.