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    How to make the menu items dissappear on mouseout

    DivyaMahendran Level 1

      hi all,      


                               i have created a menubar and i also made the menu items appear on the mouseover


                    <mx:MenuBar id="menubar" dataProvider="{menuitem}"  mouseOver="menubar_mouseOverHandler(event)"  itemClick="menubar_itemClickHandler(event)" showRoot="false"  x="200" y="129"  chromeColor="#050000" color="#E8647A" labelField="@label"  click="menubar_clickHandler(event)"   />


      //mouseover code:

      if (event.target is MenuBarItem)
                          var e:MouseEvent = new MouseEvent(MouseEvent.MOUSE_DOWN);



      anyone pls guide how to make the menu item to get dissappear on mouseout.

      Thanks in advance...