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    Suspected font rendering problem in Adobe Reader 8


      We are Java developers which need to use Java program to generate PDF. We encountered a problem that if a text field is filled with both Chinese characters and the 2 characters: ` (open-quote) and ' (single-quote) by the program using iText library, the open-quote/single-quote characters cannot be shown on Adobe Reader 8, but displayed normally on Adobe Reader 9. Below is a link to a sample PDF with such problem:




      On Adobe Reader 8.2.5 (Windows XP Professional SP3):



      On Adobe Reader 9.4 (Windows XP Professional SP3):



      When copying the text to notepad, the 2 characters are there:



      On File > Property > Font, the font and encoding being used in Adobe Reader is:



      Chinese font packs installed:



      The font using in the text field is not embedded in PDF, just using the font in Chinese font pack downloaded from Adobe website.

      If changed to use English only fonts, like Helvetica, the 2 characters can be displayed normally on both Reader versions.


      The itext commands used to specify font is:


      MSungStdLight = BaseFont.createFont("MSungStd-Light", "UniCNS-UCS2-H", BaseFont.NOT_EMBEDDED);


      AcroFields form = stamper.getAcroFields();


      form.setFieldProperty(key, "textfont", MSungStdLight, null);


      Any people would know possible solutions for this problem? As Adobe Reader is a free software which do not have technical support, we are unable to get official answer from Adobe. Any help would be really appreciated~