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    New System & Install AE8


      Hi all,

      I purchased a new system 1 week ago and also a copy of PE8 which was my first install.

      The system is;

      i5-650 intel processor

      8GB DDR3

      1 TB HD (close to 900 G free)

      ATI Radeon HD 4350

      The original installation worked for a week (until yesterday), with the exception of capturing from

      my Panasonic SD DV cam and my Sony Digital 8. It would always reject captures from those cams although I could control the tape transport.

      After that point, I could start the program but it would immediatly

      drop to the task bar and could not be opened.

      I tried to re-install, but now get the message as follows;


      Error 1305

      Error reading from C:\ Program Files (x86)\Adobe\Elements Organizer 8.0\Autoplay.dll

      Verify that the file exists and that you can access it.


      At this point the installation stalls.


      Anyone who has experienced this and has any suggestions I would very much appreciate any input you could give.

      My only other alternative is to try to return the software to Best Buy.


      Thanks in advance