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    Adobe Flash Player Acting Really Strange!!!


      Hi, Im having issues using the Adobe Flash Player in the following situations:

      In Firefox, Flash Player Freezes: When I try to use my webcam, I have to click the flash player settings. I right Click > Settings. At that instant, the whole application freezes. In another words, I can't change any settings except the "Global Settings." Its fine. In Most Websites, The Video, Sound, and graphics work fine but when I try to go to the "settings" tab, it won't work. There is rarely few websites that the flash setting freezes.

      The two examples below shows this issue. Two random sites that i picked to show the difference; The first Pic shows the application before clicking settings, the second pic shows the flash player at the moment the flash player settings are accessed.

      1) The first site is a webcam chat site: Notice the background is intact


      Same Site after I clicked Settings, Notice the screen is dimmed as if frozen. Unresponsive player


      2) Different Site. A chatroullete site, I know this example is explicit, but it is one of the sites that the flash player works that i could find quick. Below is showing how on this site, the flash player is working...Strange to me!


      ♦ In Windows Live Messenger, I try to send Winks to my friends but it won't play on my screen, It says to update flash player. When I click the link, It sends me to the crashed site. I don't know why! I can't show this picture because I have to have somene online using also with an msn addie and the plus features.


      Overall, I don't know why my Adobe flash player is acting weird. Here is a list of the programs used to acess Adobe Flash Player Settings or requires it. I tried every troubleshooting solutions discussed on the Forum before I posted this. So far, I don't know the source of the problem, A bug, glitch. Im so lost

      1) Operating System: Windows XP [Service Pack 3] 32-Bit

      2) Browser: Mozilla Firefox 3.6.10 [Current Version]

      3) Windows Live Messenger Plus 4.85.306

      4) Adobe Flah Player 10,1,85,3 [not debugged] (Latest Version at the time of the post)


      Please Help me with this weird issue!