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    Adobe Reader 9.4.0 Customization


      Hello Everyone!


      Now this is a funny issue, we're trying to deploy the new Adobe Reader without certain features (i.e. Desktop shortcut, EULA disabled) using the customization wizard, yet every attempt has failed despite checking and re-checking the settings, there always seems to be something wrong with the customized package.


      Is there any known bugs with Adobe Customization Wizard 9 when it comes to creating a package for the new 9.4.9 Reader?


      So far editing the 9.4.0 MSI has failed, running the 9.4.0 .exe using the nos_ne switch and then editing AcroRead.msi also had similiar problems.

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          Ankit_Jain Adobe Employee



          Is it that the installation isn't customized as per your settings or is it that the installation is failing altogether?


          Can you try creating a transform, and then install Adobe Reader using the created Transform.

          1. Open Adobe Customization Wizard 9

          2. Open the package i.e. the extracted MSI

          3. Change the required settings and click on Generate > Transform

          4. Try installing using the created transform (xyz.mst) - msiexec /i <extracted msi.msi> TRANSFORMS=xyz.mst

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            Fenyxa Level 1

            Yep that seemed to be the problem, the MST wasn't being applied.


            Just incase anyone else is going to try and deploy this via System Center Essenstials;


            When creating the software package you'll be asked for installation parameters, what seemed to of worked was simply "TRANSFORMS=XYZ.mst" (Without quotes and XYZ being the .mst name).


            Thanks for the suggestion.