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    Reuse of generated fiber code (WebServiceWrapper)


      My applications have to run both in WEB and as AIR. So I create Flex libraries containing all the MXML, AS, CSS and assets and one Flex Web Projects and one Flex AIR Project. Both Flex projects just contain the main <s:Application> or <s:WindowedApplication> respectively and embed the main MXML from my library. This is working quite well.


      Now I would like to use the generated WebServiceWrapper classes (Flash Builder 4). The problem is that you can't use this feature in Flex libray projects, just in Flex (Web/AIR) projects, which is not useful in my architecture described above.


      Has anybody solved this problem before?


      I know it is possible to load SWFs, but does this really work?


      Flex Web Project   --> Flex Library (SWC) "X" --> Flex Web Project (SWF) "Y"

      Flex AIR Project    --> Flex Library (SWC) "X" --> Flex Web Project (SWF) "Y"


      Project "Y" containts all the WebServiceWrapper classes, value objects, and one empty Application.MXML.


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