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    Webcam Help


      Hi, I have a Flash file which shows a webcam and takes a snapshot, Currently the webcam display is set to 320px x 240px and take a snapshot of that video.


      I have tried to scale up the webcam size and document size to get a better quality but the webcam just stays to 320 x 240 and sits in the top left corner.


      var cam:Camera = Camera.getCamera();
      cam.setQuality(bandwidth, quality);
      cam.setMode(320,240,30,false); // If I change this it seems for example to 640 x 480 it just stays at the 320 x 240 and sits in the top left, how can I make it bigger.
      var video_vobj:Video = new Video();


      and var picture:BitmapData = new BitmapData(320, 240);

      So what am I doing wrong how can I make the webcam bigger

      Also would it be possible to detect the largest possible resolution for the webcam and somehow use that?


      Thanks - James