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    Capture problems with Vixia HV30


      Hi all,


      I fought for hours to get Premiere Pro CS5 to capture video from a Canon Vixia HV30 camcorder (1080i, uses miniDV tapes).  Connecting the camera via HDMI does nothing (no control, no option to select HDMI for input), so all of my attempts have been via the IEEE 1394 (Fire Wire) connection.  Regardless of what I try, I get a "Capture Device Offline" message.


      The project is set up with HDV as the capture format, in 1080i, 30 frames per second.  Sometimes, when I go into the Settings tab on the Capture window, then click Options under Device Control, it even lists the camera as "detected".  Other times it lists the camera as "offline".  Quite frankly, I cannot yet deduce why it is connected sometimes and offline other times.


      When I go to "Devices and Printers" in the Win7 start menu, the Vixia HV30 is listed as a device (when it is connected and turned on of course).  This tells me that the computer, at least, can see the camera, and the issue is most likely within the software.


      Issues I have tried to resolve this include multiple reboots, a full reinstallation of software, and innumerable tweaks of Device Control options.  Nothing is working.  Therefore, I turn to any of you all who know this stuff better than me.


      In parallel with this inquiry, I am hunting for the software that came with the camcorder, in the hopes that I can capture the video that way and import it into Premiere.  Still...I paid good money for this professional program, and I'd hate to think that some cheap program from Canon can do what Adobe (so far) cannot.




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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          99% of the instances where people have problems with capturing, especially the Canon Vixia line, it boils down to:


          1. Windows problem with the firewire driver. You need to install the 'Legacy' driver. Around 60 - 70%


          2. Camera setup. Around 20 - 25%


          3. Faulty cable or FW port or Operator error. The rest of the cases.


          If, and that is a big if, the driver is correctly installed and the camera is setup properly and you are pretty sure you made no OE's, then you can try to capture with HDVSplit for HDV or Scenalyzer for DV material, to see it that helps.


          You can also do a search here, there have been tens of threads on this issue, hence the experience figures above.

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            ercarlson Level 1

            Ah yes...[sheepish grin]...the vaunted search function.  One of these days I'll learn. 


            Thank you for the quick response, Harm!  I've done a little more digging and found many more posts about the HV30/HV40.  Unfortunately I'll have to wait until after work to play around with this...installing the legacy driver does make sense since my Fire Wire card is a transplant from my previous computer.




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              Harm Millaard Level 7



              The fabulous search engine does not recognize my name, so I can't search by my own name. I guess I have not posted enough to be recognized. Nevertheless I found one instance of the nefarious message and what helped a lot of people: Adobe Forums: Can not capture under Win7

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                ercarlson Level 1

                Installing the Legacy driver did the trick, and I can now control the camcorder normally.


                Unfortunately, the first 40 minutes of the first tape are blank, because when I thought I had the unfamiliar camera in record mode, it was in play mode.  [sigh]  That's what I get for borrowing a camera at the last minute.


                Thank you for the help!

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                  SFL46 Level 3

                  well nothing is getting your "footage" back.  But, every camera I have touched has a very obvious red dot or the word "REC" visible in the viewfinder and LCD.  Look for it in the future.

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                    ercarlson Level 1

                    Ya, I thought I saw that dot when I pushed the 'rec' button, but I could be wrong.  Either that or it was dirty heads (I did see that warning a few times).  Oh well, live and learn...and I've strayed from the original topic of the thread anyway.

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                      Bob Dix Photographer Level 2





                      We have successfully used the Canon HV20/30/40 for 3 years with minor problems.


                      1 .Make sure you read the set up instructions as per the manual  0067/W579 or later.


                      2. Make sure the tape is stripped before use and that the counter is visible in the LCD.


                      3.I t should read for capture STEREO l



                      & at the top of the LCD HDV for 1920 x 1080i Capture 16:9 in left corner , do not attempt to Auto Detect tape unless the tape is off the lead in IE., at least 00:00:00:02 and it must be on the ME tape to start.Note: This camcorder has a 1920 x 1080P chip CMOS which saves as 1440 x1080i in PP and produces an anamorphic result  for Full High Defintion Video , we never use this camera for SD only a Panasonic 3CCD, but, the Canon's HD is better #


                      4. If Premiere Pro does not activate the tape. manually hit ># Click Tape or Record, a high definition feed will be seen in the LCD, not Premiere Pro , activate Scene detect.Click the small triangle under the X button on the Monitor Window for playback settings ,this will open another window, tick

                      1a . Enable YUV Playback in the Cineform Window

                      2 b.Use Direct X


                      3 c.1.1 default

                      4 d.Click transcode File

                      5 e.Drag slider to Quality> Cick OK above CINEFORM.


                      When capturing should indicate Stereo1





                      which is out from HV20 into Premiere Pro.


                      Make sure you have connected the IEEE 1394A cable into the computer into a IEEE 1394A Card.Ie., both ends correctly, you should hear a audio connection blip if audio is on, you are then in business.


                      This should work, good luck


                      Ps. If still in trouble ask Canon Service


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                      We are PAL @25fps, set your Project correctly.in CS5 , it should have similarities to the premiere pro version we use .


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                      (If you Export to Tape make sure the tape ( we use Sony Digital Master PHDVM-63DM ) is in a position to accept the feed from the timeline from PP and , you must Save Project in PP (a window will open) & you navigate to EXECUTE on , TICK IT in the LCD Window of The Canon HV20/30/40 they are virtually all the same#, when the feed hits the tape the RED recording Indicator top left will be on..Drop outs have been experienced at the beginning of tapes & if that happens nothing works PS. Do not stop the transfer of the mt2 file before finished, we have done 100's of projects this way.Otherwise you may have to do the whole thing over again, Adobe may have improved on this problem in CS 2/3/4 it does not happen in Premiere Elements.)


                      Message was edited by: Bob Dix/4 Note. The mt2 file is very handy on a succesfull transcode as it can be used for burning a Blu-ray disc if necessary in Premiere Elements as older versions of PP will not do this, it is best to stay in the Adobe family as generic downloaded transcoders of an Adobe codec may not read correctly and is usually very slow ?


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