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    Date & Timer:  BUG????


      Description of what I need to do:   Track time from a timestamp sent as a value in a service.


      Description of how it is done:


      1.  create a new date object from the values sent in the service.

      2.  create a timer that tracks seconds

      3.  every 60 seconds increase the value of the date object by one minute




      If someone changes the TIME ZONE  properties in Windows the value of the time in the flex app is also updated, which makes no sense because the variable that holds the current time should be completely independent of the machine's date/time properties. This does not happen if the hour/minutes Windows properties are changed, only when the time zone is changed, which is too strange.


      The application is a time clock for employees to clock in and out  and so must not be open to manipulation.


      WHY???  Is it something to do with the Timer class?  What is the relationship of the flex app Date Object /Timer Class to the date/time properties of the local machine?  Or, am I totally missing something.


      I haven't included my code because its pretty mundane stuff but can if someone thinks it will help.


      Thanks -- if anyone understands how this works.