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    Adobe DLM "unknown publisher"


      Several laptops and PCs that I manage have been unable to install Adobe Reader and Adobe Flash from the website because of this message saying that Internet Explorer has "blocked this software because it can't verify the publisher".  It appears to be the Adobe Download Manager that has the issue, because I can do the Reader and Flash installs from the support page that bypasses the DLM.


      Normally, if it were just my computers having the problem, I would work around the issue and be on my way.  However, multiple PCs and laptops from multiple locations and ISPs are having the same issue, and my users are calling me when they can't successfully install the software updates.  Considering how frequently Adobe has been releasing security patches for their software, it has gotten to be somewhat of a timesink.


      I was hoping there might be some workaround that I could implement, or maybe (just maybe) there was a problem on Adobe's end that could eliminate the problem.


      It happens on Windows XP and Windows 7 computers using IE 8.  We don't have any Vista computers.  The error message shows that during the install of the activex control, that the publisher is unknown, and the file in question is "gp.cab".  It is trying to download from:



      I've tried adding the website above, and get.adobe.com as well, to the "Trusted Sites" list, to no avail.  Any suggestions would be most welcome.