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    Dynamic Link issues


      Hey there.

      So I've imported two clips from Premiere Pro to After Effects (via Dynamic Link, using AE to pull the clips from PP), and done some AE work (masked one clip into a thought balloon in the other clip).


      Now I want to bring them back into Premiere. I figured I would go into Premiere, hit "Dynamic Link > Import After Effects Composition", and import the Comp I'd been working on in AE.

      Premiere lets me do this, but as soon as I click anything after I've imported the comp, Premiere crashes. I'm assuming this is because I'm creating a stupidly neverending loop (PP is trying to access the AE comp, which is referencing clips from PP, which is trying to access the AE comp...).


      So, short of rendering my footage out of AE and then importing that, how do I get my footage back into PP?

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          Tminus10web Level 2

          Save the AE project you imported the clip into.  Then, from back in Premiere, right click on the original footage in your sequence (in the timeline) and choose 'Replace with After Effects Composition'... then navigate to the project you just saved.



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            esspat Level 1

            Doing this doesn't give me a choice of AE Comps to replace the clip with (or anything where I can navigate to a saved project) - it creates a new Composition in After Effects containing only the clip I just right-clicked on in Premiere.


            I now think that this is the way I should've imported my clips to AE in the first place... but it doesn't really help me with the current situation?

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              Tminus10web Level 2

              Right, going forward do it that way.

              For now, if you render the files you've done all the work to in AE, and then go back into Premiere and import the exported AE comp and single click it, then you can just right click on the original in the Premiere sequence and choose 'replace with clip-> from bin' you should be fine...


              hope that helps


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                esspat Level 1


                Cheers mate!