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    CS5 Won't display video or playback, crashes immediately - ie. is useless




      Let me start by saying that the rest of the CS5 suite, including After Effects, runs great as in very very well.


      I have a quad-core intel processor, a 1gb GeForce graphics card that supports GPU, 6gb of ram and a 1.5tb hard drive running 64bit Windows 7. Way above all the recommended specs. I've also tried installing all the updates, updating every driver and disabling my Realtek soundcard (which I've heard has caused some problems).


      But Premiere loads with difficulty, flashing white as if about to crash and prompting me to wait for a response or quit. It then allows me to start projects and new sequences and import footage, but is very tempermental, and if I click to load the footage into the source window or try to drag it onto the timeline, if it doesn't crash immediately, it displays nothing but grey, or sometimes the image of my desktop behind. If I press play or the spacebar it either does nothing or crashes.


      I don't believe it's anything to do with my system being unable to handle it, and I don't know what else to try. Can anyone help me? It's pretty much vital I get it to work.