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    Identify the size of unwrapped text in TextArea


      Here is the deal.


      I have a popup of fixed width where I dynamically add the textAreas. The PercentWidth of textArea is 100.


      Once the long url (as my custom text) is added into the definite textArea.htmlText, the text is wrapped.


      What I need is: I'd like to dynamically widen the width of popup if any of textArea has a long text that is going outside the popup borders, so it would not wrap. So far I'd like to have the textArea.textWidth correctly returned, without any wrapping. But since the textArea has already been added as a child to the popup's stage, its size cannot be dynamically extended.


      If I simply set the textArea.width to, say, the width of popup, the textArea.textWidth is still the same small like before.


      I'm really stopped at this point. Please assist. Thanks.