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    Replacing a single .htm file in multiple help projects




      I'm currently using RoboHelp 7 to create my html help projects. I'm looking for the most efficient way to replace a single .htm file in multiple help projects. For example, I have a 'Privileges.htm' file that I've used in multiple help projects for cross referencing. Currently, whenever I have to update that main topic, the only way I've found to get the updated version into other help projects is by opening each project individually and using the 'Import HTML File' option from the File menu. This has always seemed "clunky" to me and I'm hoping that there is an easier way to perform updates like this than simply having to open each different help project and do an import. This has proven to be quite time consuming (since the 'Privilege' topic is just one of MANY topics I have cross-referenced across help projects) and can also lead to errors at times, where an updated topic doesn't make it into all the help projects in which it is referenced.


      Any advice or guidance on this would be greatly appreciated.


      Thanks very much in advance.