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    Using CUDA to render video ?


      Hello everyone, I'm posting here because I have a little question for you... I'm right now using Premiere Pro to do some stuff and I'm very happy about it. I have a GeForce GTX285 which is using CUDA... But I'm not really sure if it's working.




      So I made sure that this is checked but I saw some screenshots where it was written "CUDA Accelerated..." and here in my thing, I don't have CUDA written anywhere, only this GPU Accelerated Mercury stuff... Is that good ? Because when I render the video (through PPro or AME) it's taking veeeery long !




      See ? Almost 3 hours to render a 40mn video... And the worst is that while it's doing that :




      My CPU is at 100%, and the GPU doesn't seems to do anything...


      Here are all the info from my comp'... I just want to know if this is normal or not. Because this rendering time seems very very long to me...


      Rapport Informations sur le système NVIDIA créé le : 10/11/2010 16:22:53
      Nom du système : IGLOO
      Processeur :          Intel(R) Core(TM) i7 CPU           920  @ 2.67GHz (2673 MHz)
      Système d'exploitation :     Windows 7 Home Premium, 64-bit
      Version de DirectX :     11.0 
      Processeur graphique :          GeForce GTX 285
      Version du pilote :     258.96
      Noyaux CUDA :          240 
      Horloge principale :     648 MHz 
      Horloge de Shader :     1476 MHz
      Horloge de mémoire :     1242 MHz (2484 MHz débit) 
      Interface de mémoire :     512 bits 
      Mémoire graphique disponible totale :     2811 Mo
      Mémoire vidéo dédiée :     1024 Mo de GDDR3
      Mémoire vidéo du système :     0 Mo
      Mémoire du système partagée :     1787 Mo
      Version BIOS vidéo :
      IRQ :               24
      Bus :               PCI Express x16 Gen2
      nvCplUIR.dll          3.3.532.01          NVIDIA Control Panel
      nvCplUI.exe          3.3.532.01          NVIDIA Control Panel
      nvViTvSR.dll          NVIDIA Video Server
      nvViTvS.dll          NVIDIA Video Server
      nvWSSR.dll          NVIDIA Workstation Server
      nvWSS.dll          NVIDIA Workstation Server
      PhysX               09.10.0224          NVIDIA PhysX
      NVCUDA.DLL          NVIDIA CUDA 3.1.1 driver
      nvGameSR.dll          NVIDIA 3D Settings Server
      nvGameS.dll          NVIDIA 3D Settings Server
      NVSTVIEW.EXE          NVIDIA GeForce 3D Vision
      NVSTTEST.EXE          NVIDIA 3D Vision Test Application
      NVSTRES.DLL          NVIDIA 3D Vision Module  (0)
      nvDispSR.dll          NVIDIA Display Server
      NVMCTRAY.DLL          NVIDIA Media Center Library
      nvDispS.dll          NVIDIA Display Server
      NVCPL.DLL          NVIDIA Compatible Windows7 Display driver, Version 258.96
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          John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          As far as I know (did you search the forum?) MPE hardware acceleration is only for playback, not for output

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            Tminus10web Level 2

            It processes video effects during output does it not? 

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              Denej Level 1

              Well I'm not sure it does, how can I be sure of that ?




              And I searched before posting here, and I understood that CUDA was used to export video :-/



              "Rendering my timeline for final output was much faster than before. The Mercury Playback Engine works hand in hand with NVIDIA CUDA technology in a few choice NVIDIA cards (GPUs) to solve many complex computational problems in a fraction of the time a CPU would take to perform the same task"


              That's a quote frome Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 page... So, the CUDA engine is "only" used to render real time editing videos ? :-/ That's useful, but I really thought it could export video way faster like software like Badaboom... But in some forums, I read many times that exporting videos was faster  (like 3 times faster or something) when MPE hardware acceleration was activated !

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                Todd_Kopriva Level 8
                > It processes video effects during output does it not?


                Yes, hardware acceleration is used for rendering for output as well as playback.

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                  Todd_Kopriva Level 8



                  Questions of the sort that you're asking aren't easy to answer definitively.


                  Yes, some things are a little faster using CUDA acceleration. Some things are a lot faster. Some things aren't helped much.

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                    Denej Level 1

                    Well I understand that and behind the fact that 3 hours is a lot, I'm glad that it's not 6 or something ! What's tickling me is that the CPU usage is at 100% during the entire process and I almost can't use my computer in the meantime... I mean, if the GPU took the rendering for itself, or even a fraction... I would have free CPU no ??








                    Thanks for trying to solve my "problem" if there is really a problem ^^

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                      JaysonM-Y Level 3

                      I'm not sure if it's true or not, but I've been hearing that MPE doesn't really help for export to h.264(the cpu intensive format which you're exporting to) and specific other formats.

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                        Jim_Simon Level 8
                        if the GPU took the rendering for itself, or even a fraction... I would have free CPU no ??


                        I can't speak from an engineering standpoint, but from a design standpoint I would hope not.  The idea behind using the GPU is to complement the CPU, not replace it.  Ideally, both would be used to the max during export.

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                          Kent Purdy Level 1


                          I have the same system you do EXCEPT I have 6 gig of memory.Im working with H264 files output to BD. The cpu runs at 90% and the menory at an average of 5.4 gig. My MB is set to use Intels boost up to 3.6 mkz automatically. My encode times out of PPCS5 are 1:1 or !:1.3 depending on how many effects Ive used on the timeline.Doubling your memory will really help you encoding time.


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                            Denej Level 1

                            Actually I was planning on adding 4 more gigs of RAM, because 4 is clearly not enough...


                            Anyway, I wanted to know if there's a way to know the "usage" of the GPU... Because from my POV it really looks like only the CPU is working, and I would like to check that. And using EXPERTool (the software with my Gainward GPU), the temperature doesn't seems to go up at all during the process... But I have a very well cooled case so maybe that's it, idk ^^'


                            What I mean is, can I find somewhere the %age usage of my GPU ? Like I would find it for the RAM or the CPU ?

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                              Harm Millaard Level 7
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                                Denej Level 1

                                Thanks for this but that confirmed my fears... Looking at this screenshot, which was taken WHILE rendering the file with AME, the GPU doesn't seems to move his *** for this, meanwhile the RAM and the CPU are fully eaten ^^"


                                I also tried, while in PProCS5, to add some filter using GPU acceleration, and while the files were rendered (pretty fast, I have to say), none of this GPU stats moved, but the CPU surely did...

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                                  JaysonM-Y Level 3

                                  what formats are you exporting as? And I'd like to verify this for myself.... Is MPE used for h.264 compression?

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                                    Harm Millaard Level 7

                                    H.264 decoding and encoding is done by the CPU, scaling is done by the GPU. The screenshot from GPU-Z shows that MPE does not contribute to the encode time, because the GPU load and VRAM usage is almost nil. The conclusion I think is that the timeline does not contain effects or transitions that are MPE assisted and there is no scaling of framesizes going on.


                                    In contrast, look at the PPBM5 test and see how much CUDA is used during the MPEG2-DVD test because of the scaling and how it drops off with the H.264 test, because of the lack of scaling.

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                                      JaysonM-Y Level 3

                                      Thank you Harm.

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                                        jabloomf1230 Level 1



                                        I have submitted this feature request to Adobe support:


                                        *******Enhancement / FMR*********
                                        Brief title for your desired feature:

                                        License the CUDA-enabled MainConcept h.264 encoder:


                                        How would you like the feature to work?
                                        It would replace the present codec that relies entirely on the CPU to output h.264 files

                                        Why is this feature important to you?
                                        It would substantially decrease the time needed to render output of h.264 files.

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                                          Denej Level 1

                                          Ok so according to all your comments, I should export my video without h.264 ?

                                          I'll try with avi or something else, because even for my other videos (full HD, 8min), the encoding time is over one hour. I'm far from the "1:1" that Kurdy said :-/

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                                            Harm Millaard Level 7

                                            H.264 is a perfectly good codec to export, but:


                                            1. Your source is on your C drive, not on a separate drive.


                                            2. You are using progressive. Is your source progressive?


                                            3. You are using AAC? Why? Did you try other formats, like AC3?


                                            4. What happens when you lower your bitrates from 32-40 to around 25-32?


                                            Your encoding times can very well be caused by your hardware. What is it?

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                                              jabloomf1230 Level 1

                                              I finally had a chance to download the demo of the new MainConcept codec pack for CS5 and the result was a bit discouraging. When I tried to output the timeline via PPro CS5 using the CUDA-accelerated h.264 encoder, PPro crashed, whether I did a direct export or used AME. This result is most likely specific to my system (quad core Intel CPU, 8GB RAM, Win 7 x64, nVidia card with MPE on), but I was wondering if anyone else had played with the MC demo? The link to it, is a few posts up in this thread.


                                              I should note, that I also have Sony Vegas 10 and Badaboom, both of which have built-in CUDA h.264 encoders and both work fine. I'm not that excited about the MC CS5 codec pack, just because of the cost, or I would contact MC support about the crashes. First I thought that I'd see if anyone else has had success with PPro CS5 and the MC pack.

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                                                jabloomf1230 Level 1

                                                Just an update. The MC plugin pack now is updated to version 5.1 and guess what? The demo works flawlessly (at least for me). I'm almost getting real time rendering of the timeline to h.264 using the MC encoder on a PC that has Win 7, a modest quad core CPU and a GTX 275. The encoding seems to be bottlenecked by the CPU as all cores are running at 99%.