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    Submit button generates and sends to multiple addresses, but with error message


      I was successful in manually adding the code to generate multiple addresses to an e-mail:

      MultipleAddresses copy.jpg

      This is the code:

      <event activity="click">
                     <submit format="pdf" target="mailto:david.kropf@ucr.edu; andrea.kaus@ucr.edu; martha.ponce@ucr.edu" textEncoding="UTF-16" xdpContent="pdf datasets xfdf"/>


      This is the error message when opened with reader:

      "The document was altered since its creation and the use of "extended features" is no longer available."


      I double checked the "extended features" setting BEFORE I sent the document and this is the message I received:


      "The document already has enabled usage rights in Adobe Reader.

      To remove Reader Enablement, use File>Save a Copy."


      I did not choose to remove enablement.


      Additionally, someone else said to separate the e-mail addresses with commas, but this is the error message it produced:


      So, to reiterate, I'm having trouble regardless if I separate the e-mail addresses with semi-colons or commas.