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    HELP!!!   Dreamweaver could not connect you to the remote server"

    cspocspo Level 1
      Hi all,

      I have been struck by what seems a common problem with Dreamweaver/Contribute.

      I get this message when trying to “Enable Contribute compatibility” in Dreamweaver:

      “Dreamweaver could not connect you to the remote server. You cannot perform Contribute administration tasks without a connection to a remote server. Please fix the remote connection before continuing.”

      I have read that DW will try to write and delete a file to confirm the connection… When I look at the FTP log of DW, it confirms that the Temp file has been written and deleted.

      So, it has in fact connected to the remote server...!

      Things I have done to try to eliminate errors includes:
      • Ensure Contribute is not open on the PC.
      • Contacted my ISP to ensure that “/” is the “Host directory”
      • Modified the URL in each of the tabs listed below
       Including the Base web address

      Below are the settings I have selected in the Site definition window:
      Local info:
      Local root folder: v\website\
      Links relative to Document:
      Http address: http://www.website.com

      Remote Info:
      Access FTP
      FTP Host www.website.com
      Host directory /

      Rollback enabled: Currently off
      CPS enable Currently off
      Site URL: http://www.website.com

      I have spoken to my ISP: www.webcentral.com.au
      • They have confirmed that Contribute is used on their products by other users.
      • They also stated that they sell Sharepoint as their CMS option

      What other things can I try to eliminate this problem?