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    Strange "auto fill" problem - any help?




      I'm trying to fill out an application that I downloaded as a PDF packet. The problem is that on many of the blanks in the file I will fill in the information and it suddenly and automatically appears in another completely unrelated blank. Whatever I type in one blank appears in the other and vis versa.


      for example. Whatever I type into "Country of Citizenship" instantly appears in my email address blank. And when I delete "USA" from my email, it also disappears from the other, correct blank.


      Very frustrating, especially since part of the rules for application is that it must be all typed, not hand written in....so is there something I'm missing?


      Also, I've re-downloaded the application and there was no change, so it wasn't a glitch or something. I also contacted the seminary I'm applying to and they said there is no problem with there version.


      Any help would be most appreciated,



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          George_Johnson MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          It seems likely that the person who created the form messed up. The fields that are showing this behavior probably have the same field name. Can you a link to a sample file?

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            cppowers Level 1

            Thanks for the response, George,


            The closest I can come to linking you to the file is here: http://bethlehemcollegeandseminary.org/


            If you click on "2011-2012 Master of Divinity Application Packet" you can open a PDF that has a bunch of documents bundled together. If you then click on the 2011-2012 application form, it will bring up the form in question. You can test out the error on the first page of the application by typing in the country of residence field.


            I know that kind of complex, there may be a more succinct way to show you, but I'm not sure.


            Thanks for your help, George, it is appreciated!



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              George_Johnson MVP & Adobe Community Professional



              The problem is what I thought, those two fields have the same field name (MDivApp-CountryofCitizen), so they will behave as you described. Fortunately, the files are not protected, so the email field can be renamed to something more appropriate if need be. Otherwise, just leave those blank and fill by hand.


              If you need a corrected fillable version and don't have Acrobat so you can do it yourself, try contacting the college. Otherwise, I'd be happy to send you an updated version.

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                cppowers Level 1



                Wow, thanks so much for taking the time to do that! I see what you mean, and it looks like I'm able to edit it on Acrobat so I should be able to go through and make the changes wherever needed.


                Very cool, I'm glad this was solved, thanks again, George!