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    Native XDCAM codec problem

    cramhead1 Level 1

      HI there. Im trying to get Premiere CS5 to read some video clips. Im using the XDCAM 720p 25 preset. The clips im trying to import no longer have the .xml files (this is not down to me). Im using quicktime to findout what codec they used and for somereason its tell me there are 2 mono audio tracks. I think this could be what causeing me to get the error "codec missing or unavailabl" when trying to import them into Premiere CS5. I've tried deleting the stereo tracks in the timeline and changing the souce channel mapping to mono but its still not reading the clips. There is a final edit that they did which works in premiere (see image) and the onjly difference I can see is the mono tracks and the data rate.


      Thanks for the help guys n gals