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    Constant Crashes - updated CS5 5.0.2



      I'm desperate.


      I'm running a brand spanking new macbook pro with an i7 chipset. It's less than four months old but has had so many problems with Adobe CS5 that I've literally been using it for two weeks since June.

      Now the one Adobe program that seemed to work has stopped.


      I uploaded about an hour worth of HDV content to a project last friday. Even before I began uploading it, I was having problems trying to open older files (I've done about three Premiere projects on this machine and prior to last week, they have gone exceptionally smoothly). However, trying to reopen any files immediatly crashes the program with the following message:


      Sorry, a serious error has occurred that requires adobe premiere pro to shut down. We will attempt to save your current project.


      This is the message I get now trying to re-open the project that contains all the video I uploaded last friday.

      I can open brand new projects, but as soon as I try to open anything that's already been saved, the program crashes. I cannot do any work.


      I checked and I'm running 5.0.2

      I also cleaned out my preferences as one thread suggested. No dice.


      I'll try anything, please help!

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          Tminus10web Level 2

          Hopefully you've already installed the latest updates for Premiere and Windows ... and the latest drivers for your Video Card.


          Assuming that you have, I found an article that mentions your specific error...  step by step process of elimination sortof thing.


          Here are the two possible fixes from the article... but if they don't work read the whole thing:


          5. Re-create the Premiere Pro PluginCache file.

          Some problems may be caused by a damaged PluginCache file. To re-create the file, hold down the Shift key while choosing Start > Programs > Adobe Premiere Pro. Release the key when the Select Initial Workspace window appears.

          Note: In previous versions of Adobe Premiere, similar problems are eliminated by re-creating the Preferences file. Adobe Premiere Pro, however, stores the application preferences in the PluginCache file. It stores only the user preferences in the Preferences file.

          6. Run Premiere Pro while no other applications run in the background.

          Some applications may cause system errors or freezes when running concurrently with Premiere Pro. You can identify these applications and disable them before starting Premiere Pro. To identify problematic applications that run in the background, remove applications from the Startup folder, and close those that are specified in the registry to start automaticall


          Here is a link to the article if you're still hooped:



          Hope it helps,


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            PhilTickleson Level 1

            I'm going to give these a shot after lunch here. But I do want to make sure its known that I'm running a Macbook Pro using Mac OSX.