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    Script to not reset a flash video each time they log on - have it remember what they alreadyclicked.


      Hi, I am working in AS2 and I am wondering if someone knows how to make a video so it doesn't reset everytime the user logs in - it just remembers where they are and what they already clicked.


      I created a video that will be uploaded in a learning management system.  Students can click on movie clips and make them disappear.  What I would like to have happen is have the flash video remember which movie clips the student already clicked (and made disappear) so that the next time they log in the movie clips that should be invisable remain invisable (rather than starting over)


      Basically, it is like a little game, once saved you do not need to start at the beginning every time you go back to it.....it remembers where you left off.


      Thanks to anyone who would know if this is possible.