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    Testing for BreakApart


      Hi All,


      I've been encountering a problem where I am trying to break apart objects on my timeline with the JSFL breakapart command, however some of them are already broken apart, and when I try to break these apart using code I get the error "the function break apart is currently unavailable". After researching this problem for most of the day, it is apparent that a try catch statement will not work. Is there a way to test whether or not an object has been broken apart already before attempting the break?


      So far I haven't found any solutions to this online, and the documentation for JSFL, in addition to being pretty sparse, doesn't cover this sort of situation.

      Any help at all would be amazing, as so far it doesn't seem that anyone really knows the solution to this, I'm not the first person to ask this question and I have yet to see anyone even respond to those who have asked similar questions.


      Heck, even if you are reading this and don't know the answer, give me a shout as to what you have tried to use, maybe we'll stumble across the correct answer together.