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    flex videodisplay problem when mp4 file contains multiple resolutions


      I have a mp4 file which contains multiple video files(each file may contain different resolutions). when i gave mp4 file source to video display object it's not playing perfectly(showing black screen some times). But i can play the same file with vlc player in my local.


      Then i decided to split the multiple files at the backend and play list of files with the VideoDisplay object, load one file after another. i drawn the scrubber my self so that it will show the total time of all videos. when the user drags to particular seek point i will calculate the movie index and 'll change the source of videodisplay object to particular movie file. so that user can assume that as one file even though there are multiple files. but now the problem is if i played one file and change source to another file, and user skips backwards i have to reload the first file.is there any better solution to come across this problem.


      ex: i have 2 videos whose lengths are  1 hr each. i will draw my scrubber to 2hr length, so that user can think that is only one file with 2 hr long. so now i started playing first video, at 1 hr 5 min seek point if user tries to skip backwards now i have to load the first file ,which will force the user to download the movie again. in this case user seeking outside of the current file (forward or backward) will trigger a re-download of the file. is there a way to keep first file in cache with video display object.