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    Can I represnts a time period using charts ?

    abudahim Level 1
      i want to represent a difference between two dates as a bar chart. but the problem is that it doesnt work.

      i put the xField of the BarSeries to be for example : date1:Date = new Date(2007,7,1).
      and the categoryField of the horizontal category axis to be date1:Date = new Date(2007,7,8).
      i want to show the period between these two dates using bar chart.
      i think that Flex charting doesn't support dates. it does support numbers. so if i calculate the number of days between these two dates then i can present it. but i want a simpler solution because im beginner and im assigned for a project that deals with a big amount of data.
      do you have any solution ?
      thank you