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    Basic importing artwork questions

    media kat Level 1

      I'm going to bring in artwork from Illustrator CS5 into Flash CS5 as symbols that I want to do some simple tweens on.


      1. Is it better to set the artwork in Illustrator as a graphic symbol or a movie clip for this purpose?


      2. Is it better to copy and paste from Illustrator or to choose import when in flash?


      Thank you.

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          learn n leverage Level 3


          It depends on the kind of animation work that you wand to do it on Flash. However, if you want to work with only part of the artwork it is better to copy paste the specifics. You can choose to import the entire artboard into Flash when you want to have more control over the entire art work.

          In general movie clip symbols are better as a graphic symbol is essentially a movie clip with limitations. (It can't be addressed or controlled by ActionScript.) 



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