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    "Always Ignored" Words Are Not Ignored

    Catfish Tales Level 1
      OS: Win XP SP 2
      Product: RoboHelp HTML 6

      I wish to use Smart Index Wizard to build an index. I wish to avoid the appearance of frequently recurring words in the Smart Index Wizard. I enter those words into the IGN file for the project. I can plainly see the words at Menubar --> File --> Project Settings --> Advanced --> "Always Ignore" Words. I see the same set of words when I launch the Smart Index Wizard and click the Always Ignore button.

      When I use the Smart Index Wizard, words in the "Always Ignore" Words list appear for topic after topic. That is, I selected the "confirm adding index keywords for each topic" radio button. The Smart Index Wizard presents me with topics one at a time. For each topic, words in the "Always Ignore" Words list are offered as index keywords. Interestingly enough, this issue pertains only to words that appear in the topic header or in dropdown hotspots. Words in the topic body work are ignored (as expected).

      Since the name of the list is "Always Ignored" Words, I expect the words in the list to be "always ignored". Instead, it seems that words are, indeed, ignored when they appear in the topic body but not in the topic header. Perhaps, the list should be renamed "Sometimes Ignored" Words?

      Is anybody aware of a workaround? What is Adobe's bug reporting procedure?