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    Export Audio Problem


      I simply want to extract my audio from my video in a WAV audio format. I'm using Premiere Elements 8. Even when I highlight the timeline or sceneline version of my video (with audio), when I go to File, the "export" feature is grayed out and thus unusable. I must be doing something wrong. Can anyone help?

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          You should use Share/Personal Computer/Audio and select the WAV file output.


          Your output will be of your entire timeline, unless you define an area with the Work Area Bar and then indicate that you only want that segment output in your Share options.

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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            The full range of Export options have been moved to the Share tab. That is where you will find the ability to Export/Share just your Audio.


            Good luck,



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              emprof1 Level 1

              Thanks for the help. Part of the problem was that when I looked through the SHARE section several times before, I failed to scroll down to where you can see AUDIO (under the PC: Choose location and settings tab. And at first, based on the answers given, I still did not scroll down until I paid closer attention to the alternatives.I still do not understand why "Export" is even listed under File.


              Thanks, again for the help.

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                nealeh Level 5

                Out of interest what happens in PRE8 / PRE9 if you use the PRE7 shortcut key for exporting audio (Ctrl+Alt+Shift+M)?


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                  the_wine_snob Level 9

                  I have a few quibbles with some of the GUI Panels, and the need to scroll about, more than one might expect. That still catches me, on occasion too.


                  I guess that I am too used to PrPro on a dual-monitor setup, and I know where each Panel is, and few have to be scrolled at all. Just lazy on my part.


                  Good luck,