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    Exporting 1080/24 sequence to .mov in 1080/24....?

    TonyVisionTeleVision Level 1

      New to the forum. I've imported XDCAM footage shot at 1080p/24fps and now ready to export my media-movie-project to a .mov file format in the same 1080/24 setting. I choose the mov file format from the drop down list, but, Adobe automatically sets the resolution to 720p/24fps. As I click around - I see the "match sequence settings" box and click it- it changes to file extension to an .mpeg (not sure if it is mpeg2 or what).

      The problem arises from that exported mpeg file not being seen or heard by a Mac/FCP user, the video comes up as a white screen with no audio.

      What am I missing?



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