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    Charts not displaying properly in Internet Explorer

    zeke225 Level 1
      I have a component that takes in an xml formatted set of charting data and displays it in both chart form and in a data grid. In internet explorer I occasionally see spikes in the lines on my chart. It basically appears that the points are either being plotted higher or lower than they should be at random places. I have checked the xml input data and it appears to be correct. Also, the same data the chart is using is being displayed in a data grid. The data grid shows the correct values as well.

      So it appears that my xml data and the values in the data grid are correct, however the chart does not match. This is sporadic behavior. Most of the time, my charts are displayed correctly, however occasionally one or more data point will be in the wrong spot. Also, this only happens in internet explorer. I can't seem to reproduce it in Firefox.

      Has anyone seen anything like this? Any ideas on how to fix it?

      I appreciate any help. Thanks,