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    Style Sheet Errors when upgrade from Robohelp 7 to 8

    Gemtash Level 1

      When I upgraded my project from Robohelp 7 to 8  my list styles have not upgraded correctly.

      Prior to this, I could select a bulleted list style from the styles at the top left of the RoboHelp window and apply the list style to the text.


      Now when I try to do that, the bulleted list becomes a numbered list.   To apply the bulleted list, I have to open the styles pod, select the list styles, then double-click on the list style to apply it to the new text.


      Is there any way to tweak RoboHelp 8 so that I can use the drop-down field at the top left of the RoboHelp window to apply a bulleted list style?   I do not wish to have to open every topic to apply the above.