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    Using multiple Custom Components in one state




      I am having trouble with using two custom components within one state. These components were initially datalists which have been converted into  custom components.  I have a total of 24 states within these two components, each represented by a blue dot on the parent page.


      However, when you click on a blue dot which belongs to the second component (this takes you to one of the 24 states) you can see all the dots which belong to my first component placed over the top. I believe this has something to do with the layers on the parent state as when I switch these components around the reverse happens (dots one component 1 can be seen on a state in component 2).


      Is there anyway to prevent this from happening - maybe editing the layers of a different component when you are in another?


      Please have a look at this link to see what I am talking about: http://www.sp.zeacom.com/Sales-Tool-Kit/Main.html


      Click on product demonstrations, then look at the blue dots not squares. My first component consists of the top two lines and the second is the bottom, starting with process automation.