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    Huge Issues opening projects from eSATA External RAID-Please Help!


      Hi peeps.  I'm hoping you guys have some insight into my issue here.  I thought I get further talking with you rather than trying Dell again.  Here's my system specs in brief....


      Dell Studio XPS 9100

      Intel i7-960 3.2Ghz

      18Gb DDR3 SDRAM 1333Mhz

      Radeon HD 5870 1GB (until I can afford Quadro, but has no bearing on issue)

      Windows 7 Pro 64bit - all updated

      Venus DS3R Pro External RAID enclosure w/ 2x500Gb WD 7200rpm Drives in RAID 0 Config (forget exact models and am writing this not from edit system but from my internet-connected system)


      Running CS5 Master Collection - all updates installed as of writing.




      Ok, so here's my issue.  Shortly after getting new system (above) and installing newly-purchased CS5 I had to work on one new project and make client-requested changes to an old project.  Issue has been the same for both.  When my external RAID was connected via eSATA, Premiere would take forever (and I mean forever) to load assets, would often (6 times out of 10) crash or hang-up system so badly as to require hard reset.  Those times when I finally got the timeline up, playback was horribly choppy on both HD 720p (new project) and SD (old project).  If any files needed conforming, Premiere would take (literally) hours and hours to perform task, and trying to export anything to DVD, blu-ray or encodes to files I would get multiple render issues or complete failures.


      I was tearing my hair out until I finally remembered that Venus enclosure also has USB (2.0) out.  Hooked this up and all problems went away.  Projects loading correctly and quickly and playback is what I would expect from USB and software-only playback (as I mentioned above, am running Radeon card that came with system until I can afford NVidia option)


      One strange thing is that After Effects was performing fine when drive was connected via eSATA (although the projects were very simple - I will test on complex project from archive).


      My question is - do you guys agree with me that it's some kind of SATA driver issue?  Or is there something going on in Premiere of which I'm unaware?  I called Dell support and they helpfully informed me that "all my BIOS and chipware drivers are up to date but that I should rest assured that my complete satisfaction is their primary concern".  Thanks Dell...you want to come finish my edit for me then?


      Anyway...what do we think?  Thinking of installing an eSATA card into a free slot - good idea?


      Any help would be much appreciated - would like to get back onto eSATA thruput ASAP, esp. after I get Quadro card - prob next month.


      Thanks in advance for your time!