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    How to add images from SourceSafe that are referenced in topic?


      All of our HTM files and images are located in SoureSafe.  I added the HTM file to RoboHelp by doing the following.


      • Right click "Project Files"
      • Select New > Folder
      • Enter name for new folder
      • Right click new folder
      • Select Import
      • Click HTM file and click [Open]


      When I did this it automatically added the following to RoboHelp


      • HTM file (it also listed the anchors)
      • Images
      • Stylesheet


      Since then one of the developers that does not have a RoboHelp license checked in the following changes to the HTM file.


      • Added additional anchors to the HTM file
      • Added images to SourceSafe which are referenced in the HTM file


      When I opened the RoboHelp project it did not update the "Project Files".  So, the new anchors and the new images are not showing up under "Project Files".  When I built the CHM file it did not contain the new images.  Therefore, it displayed the red X where the images should be.


      How do I get the changes to show up under "Project Files"?


      Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.


      Thank you -

      Karen Ahmad