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    Re-recording in Ca4 results in shutdown and software lockup

    LPWebb Level 1

      Hi everyone,


      I've had Ca 4 for two+ years and have been using it successfully.


      This evening, I was re-recording about 10 slides in an IE app, something I've done before with no problems.

      Upon exiting the recording, I get a fatal error.


      When I try to re-open the application, I'm told an instance is already running.  When I check processes, there is no sign of Captivate.

      Only a soft boot clears the confusion and allows me back in.


      The only thing I can recall doing is installing the latest version of the Adobe Flash player several days ago.

      Tonight was the first time I'd used Captivate since.  I tried uninstalling and reinstalling Flash, but the problem persists.


      This is bizarre behavior for a stable application I've used for years.


      Any insights?


      Much thanks!