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    Video playback missing

    KayDat Level 1

      I've installed and have been using CS5 Production for about a month now, but only recently started using Premiere since moving up to CS5, and I'm having some playback issues. Basically, video isn't playing back at all. For example, if I double click on a video in the bin, the source window stays grey, and all I get is audio playback. If I drag something into the timeline, again, the program playback window is blank. If I click on the window though (as if I were to adjust the Motion filter for positioning/scaling), then I can see a snapshot of the video, while paused. Scopes all work. Does anyone have an idea as to what could be the problem?

      Running Win7 Pro x64, AMD x2 550 unlocked to quad, 8GB RAM, 5870 with 10.9 Catalyst drivers, and a 9800GT for Cuda/MPE. Issue persists even when MPE hack is disabled (card name removed from cuda supported text file). Have tried uninstalling, reinstalling, running on bare 5.0.0 and 5.0.2.