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    Can't Call the SAP Web Service through JavaScript

    jacklai22000011 Level 1

      Hi all,
      I have tried to call the Web Service by applying the following JS code sucessfully.

      However, I found that it doesn't work when I am trying to call the SAP Web Service.

      Does anyone have some suggestions or idea about this? Are there any documentations I can reference to?


      var response = SOAP.request(
              cURL: "http://name:8082/WebService/Service.asmx?wsdl",
              oRequest: {
                  "http://xxx.org/:GetStaffName": {"http://xxx.org/:staffID": "9999999"}},
              cAction: "http://xxx.org/GetStaffName"
      var result =    response["http://xxx.org/:GetStaffNameResponse"]["http://xxx.org/:GetStaffNameResult"];