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    Can't register (or see) a KOBO in ADE using Ubuntu

    Mark in NZ

      Greetings and thanks in advance for any help.  I am running ADE through Wine in Ubuntu, and ADE works fine on my PC.  I have downloaded a DRM book that I bought and can see that fine on the PC.  When I connect my KOBO, however, the KOBO is not recognised or identified in any way as a library or bookshelf.  I used the Adobe tech support chat line and they helpfully suggested that I use the installation assistant, which is not activated for some reason, and when that didn't work, they referred me to the forums.  Hmmmm.


      I have already tried deleting the contents of .adobe-digital-editions as is suggested in the Nook posts wthout success (there was only one file in that folder anyway).  And I have successfully copied files from my PC to the KOBO for reading by merely copying the files over directly, though this isn't possible for DRM books which require the use of ADE.


      Anyway, I could re-install ADE in windows (my machine is dual boot), or it could be some kind of compatibility problem with my KOBO.  The KOBO was automatically registered with Whitcoull's site when it was first connected (the bookseller in these parts).  I am not really sure where the problem is:  Ubuntu relying on Wine, with the ADE install, some form of required connection to the seller of the KOBO's website, or a compatibility problem between ADE and KOBO.  With that range of potential problems, does someone have any ideas where to start?