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    sort data collection

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      Hello everyone!

      I have an ArrayCollection of valueObjects in use. I need to iterate trough them and put them into XML in alphabetical order.


      I use this function


              public function compileExportXML(data:ArrayCollection):XML {
                  var compXML:XML = <Root></Root>;
                  for each (var item:Object in data) {
                      var XMLItem:XML = <Item></Item>;
                      if (item.Type == 'Text') { XMLItem.appendChild(item.Text); }
                      if (item.Type == 'Module') {XMLItem.@href = 'file:///' + item.IDbus + '.indd'; }
              return compXML;           


      This is the XML i retreive:


        <Item href="file:///10410001.indd"/>
        <Item>Placeholder text here</Item>


      But, how to place the compXML content in alphabetical order basing on the item's Rubric value of type text?


      Thanks in advance, Alex.