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    Adobe Air web banner




      I am developing a desktop application  in flex Adobe Air,  in that i want to show a ad.

      The ad should come from a website.. If they change the ad in that wesite it should change in the desktop appication automatically ...

      Is this possible to do?




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          dtx_flex4 Level 2

          Yep. Just check every start of application or in some time intervals the ad in website. You can compare ad in website and ad in your application by sizes in bytes or more safety way -  set some flag(extra variable) on website. If size in bytes or flag changed just download this image/swf to your application.


          Better way:

          Just write checking function on the server side in php(or something else) and call that function. If return true just download this image/swf. There is milions ways to do it

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            ShanthiFlash Level 1



            Thanks for the reply..