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    Can't Evaluate External Variable in 'Expressions' Window


      I'm new to Flex and am trying to figure out how to evaluate the static property of an external class when a breakpoint is hit. The Expressions window seems to work just fine for examining variables within the scope of the currently executing object, but I can't seem to watch variables *outside* that object.

      Specifically, I have a singleton class named 'FXRoot' with a static property called 'Inst' which returns the one and only instance of FXRoot. Typing "FXRoot.Inst" into the Expressions window generates the following error:

      <errors during evaluation>
      >> No such variable: FXRoot

      ...yet FXRoot *does* in fact exist. I can make calls to it from the code with no problem.

      The only idea I can come up with is to cache a pointer to FXRoot.Inst in a local variable in the method that I'm debugging, but doing this each time I want to debug, and then subsequently erasing the temporary code when debugging is complete, is a major pain.

      Any ideas?