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    ItemRenderer ViewState Problem

    NewFlo Level 1

      Good morning everyone! I currently starting to learn flex4 and therefore try the new components and features

      to get a feeling for the things changed in the new version. I never really liked viewstates but the new

      syntax looked good so i tried to create a spark list containing an itemrender with two viewstates.

      The viewstate changes on a button-click and everything works fine(the viewstate changes), but when i

      mouseover the itemrender the viewstate jumps back. I first thought that this is maybe a list problem, but

      it also happens if i place my itemrenderers in a vGroup-component. So it must be a problem with

      the itemrenderer (implements IListItemRenderer and has no eventListeners except a click-Listener).


      Does anyone have an idea, whats happening?

      All the best, Florian